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Get Marksheet Transcripts from St. Joseph’s College

Procedure to Get Marksheet Transcripts from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore with Uni Transcript Services

Uni Transcript, an initiative led by alumni from prestigious institutions such as IIM, IIT, and XLRI, is dedicated to facilitating seamless document procurement for alumni of St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, and various other universities/institutes across India. We act as a reliable bridge between alumni and their alma mater, ensuring a hassle-free process at a minimal cost.

Our Services for St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore:


Obtain detailed transcripts showcasing your academic history, including classes, grades, credit hours, majors, minors, and other pertinent academic information.

Degree Certificate:

Secure your official degree certificate, affirming your completion of studies at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

Provisional Degree Certificate:

Acquire a provisional degree certificate, useful for interim purposes or while awaiting the issuance of the official degree certificate.

Migration Letter:

Request a migration letter, essential for students planning to transfer their academic credentials to another institution.

Name Correction in Marks Card:

Rectify any discrepancies in your marks card by requesting a name correction service.

Duplicate Marks Card:

Obtain duplicate marks cards in case of loss or damage to the original documents.

Medium of Instruction Letter:

Receive a letter confirming the medium of instruction used during your academic tenure at St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore.

Syllabus Copy:

Obtain a copy of the syllabus followed during your course of study for reference purposes.


Transcript Process from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore:

Document Submission: Provide scanned copies of individual mark sheets and a consolidated mark memo (if available).

Degree Certificate: Furnish a copy of your provisional or final degree certificate.

Identification: Submit photocopies of your Aadhar card or passport to verify your identity.

Academic Request Forms: Provide any necessary academic request forms required by the receiving institution, such as WES, IQAS, NZQA, ICAS, PEBC, NNAS, BDS, NARP, CARP, etc.

Multiple University Requests: It is possible to send transcripts from St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore to multiple universities. Additional hard copy requests should be raised accordingly during the application process.

Uni Transcript ensures a streamlined process for alumni of St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore, helping them fulfill their academic aspirations with ease. Reach out to us today to initiate your transcript request and experience our efficient and cost-effective services.

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Contact Uni Transcript at 09538 444 101 for your academic transcript needs

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